Friday, September 16, 2005

A New Discovery

For the longest time I never really understood why I enjoyed playing video games so much. Since I finished my first game and am now working on my second, I must say that I am slowly coming to a realization of why, for me, they are so downright enjoyable: It is the discovery of the story. My actions as the gamer is having a cause-and-effect result on the character in the game. It is like having the best of both worlds of a story - I can watch what is unfolding as well as participate!

Reading, letting my imagination unwind and discover what lurks out there in the written world of fantasy, science fiction, action-adventure, you name it, has always been one of my utmost favorite pass-times. Writing them is my life. Here, with the video game, I am discovering, at the age of 44, that there is an outlet for much aggression and even some latent sorrow by playing video games peacefully all alone.

I still love playing them with B. I always will. Still, there is something beyond refreshing about discovering a place where I can relax those tired brain cells and just enjoy something where I can participate in and watch unfold as well.

Much to my surprise, I am even picking out titles of games I would like to eventually play. Yes, I know most of the gamers out there have already played them, but this is new for me and, like all things new, it is sparkly and beautiful to behold, especially if I can play for a little while all alone!

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