Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Day, As It Ends

I could have sincerely done without today. It has been physically and emotionally painful and I really just want it to end and life to somehow miraculously get better. Yeah, I know, it isn't going to work that way.

Did manage to get down some words on NWP yesterday and not one single jot today.

I feel as if I am falling into a gigantic vat of black goo and it is going to try its best to eat me whole. The only ray of sunshine I have is the NWP, and books. Reading voraciously right now. Have even started keeping the old journal of "books read" and little notes about each one.

Does peace and security exist or is it just a fairy tale we adults are fed to keep us going, keep us moving in some semblance of a forward direction? Does it matter that the forward direction zig zags and backtracks upon itself just as much as it advances forward each with an agonizingly slow pace?

Don't worry, Dear Readers, tomorrow there is fiction (fingers crossed) from M. Davenport.

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