Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mary of Chocolate

Mary of Chocolate
Mary of Chocolate,
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I find this wonderful and oddly frightening. I can see the Virgin in this. Do I believe it is a miracle? It may be this woman's miracle because she needed something to help her get through something very difficult. The Divine does give us little reminders we are not alone when we really need them, and I believe this one may jave just been for this woman. If this is the case, I am thoroughly glad she has this sign to help her get through....

Sometimes I truly believe the Divine, God, works in quiet ways just so we will have to slow down and look at things a little more in order to take stock of a lot of great, miraculous things He is doing for us, and with us.

As long as the chocolate image itself is not worshipped I see nothing wrong with this. I believe it is a good thing all in all.

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