Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Married Saturday

Today has been one of those days where hubby and I have just sat and watched movies and things we had recorded for the week on the DVR. Exciting, I know. This was one of those "married" Saturdays you never plan or expect, but enjoy profusely when they arrive.

There were points today where we sat in the same room and chatted while a movie played in the background and I jotted things down in my journal. There were other times where neither of us said anything for several seconds, perhaps minutes, and we were both quite pleased and relaxed with the silence.

Neither of us wanted to cook so we ordered Chinese in and ate and watched movies on the TV and enjoyed the moment without worry of it repeating or if we were going to do anything later on.

Friends called and asked us to get out and go shopping late and we begged off this time because neither of us wanted to leave the confines of our nest.

Nest, that feels like a good word to use for today. It was a "nesting" day, a day where we were content to be only with each other. Happy to be sharing space together, and familiar enough with each other that we didn't need words all the time.

It wasn't one of those romantic, cuddling days where all we wanted to do was cuddle on the couch or in the bed and watch TV. It wasn't one of those days where we wanted to get out and have a date and do something nifty with each other, or anyone else for that matter. It was a day of being married and being happy with the person we are married to.

I thought about this some today. It surprised me how easily we were together, and how quiet we could be, and not feel separate. Feeling separate does come sometimes, but that is usually when one of us is dealing with an issue we haven't talked about with each other, and dread the moment when we do. Today was nice.

Not "nice" in the negative sort of way. You know what I mean, when someone says someone else is "nice" you know they are pretty much a bland person, or haven't really shown their character or personality yet. But, NICE...that "nice" where everything is just as it is supposed to be and everything is quiet. Nice. Like when a guy sees another guys car and says appreciatively "Nice." Today has been like that - a nice nesting day.

Yeah, a good day. A day you can sink your teeth into and enjoy fully and look back on with nothing but smiles and happiness.

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