Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Writing Related

Writer's Digest is having a short story contest. Just follow the link for all of the necessary information to it.

Elizabeth Bear, a prolific writer of modern fiction, including science fiction, has a wonderful LiveJournal you should check out. She talks about writing and the art of writing. I find her most amusing. Check her out at matociquala at LiveJournal. Her main website is at Elizabeth Bear.com.

And also at LiveJournal alg is an editor at Tor Books and gives some good advice on submitting works and writing pieces to her as well as elsewhere. She also has Anna's Red Pen where she talks more about writing, but usually her LJ is the place to be. It is more real and you can also see an editor as a real person, not someone in a tower far away with a pen filled with never-ending red ink.

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