Saturday, August 19, 2006

Diary Dear

Today is Saturday, and, like most Saturdays, there were plans made for today. Good plans involving friends and an out-of-doors-fair and goggling wonderful pretty shinies. Alas, it was not to be. Rain came. And thunder. And lightning creased the sky here and there with brightness. It looked so far away and was just so calm in its power I found myself unafraid and just watching it. Watching it flash and dart. I let myself go into the roll of the thunder and felt...lighter, as if it was washing away much of the sorrows that have been fighting to accumulate somewhere inside of me while Life and friends and Love itself was struggling to keep the sorrows at bay. I believe the Life, Love and Friends won to be honest in retrospect.

Now the sun is shining outside my window. It dances on the grass and bamboo of the back yard and causes me to smile. I smile because, well, the rain has ended and we have survived it, even though Winter is nearing with each passing day. It is so easy to forget Winter even exists when the sun is so bright and warm upon your skin. Without Winter would those of us who adore Summer adore it so much?

There are still a number of good warm days to love and adore yet. The rainy days will also increase, but maybe, just maybe this year the Bleak will not over-whelm me and my household. Maybe there will be good things to think and admire and the bleak, cold days that are to come will turn into something different. Something happier. Something good.

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