Thursday, August 31, 2006


It seems Thursdays are turning into "Tidbit Thursdays" with everything that is beginning to happen these days, there is a lot to keep everyone in the local area and otherwise informed of things; Thursdays are sometimes just an extra day to read the story usually posted on Wednesdays. Either way, things are really beginning to jump here and it feels good, even though I sometimes get a little nervous about it all. See for yourselves: ...

Fiction - Sleepy Hollow Inn
Yes, the installment is almost ready to go. M. Davenport required some time to re-work a section because Davenport, not I, were dissatisfied with. It feels wonderful to work with someone so professional. We both seem to be learning a great deal from each other. You will have the next installment of "The Sleepy Hollow Inn" tomorrow, barring anything bad happening or my arthritis acting up horribly as it has been acting up of late.

The Lexington Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation
I am now working with the local chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. Lexington's chapter has only been around for two years. Now hubby and I have volunteered for whatever and anything we can do. It feels good, and I wrote about it in my LJ, which I will probably cross-post here. It is important to keep taking the fight to the disease and keep researchers funded to help end this thing.

It feels strange, Dear Readers, to tell you the truth. I've been fighting this disease since I was 2 1/2 officially, and now, well, now I'm 45. That's all of my life really. I've fought it on a personal basis, here in my body, and now am fighting it in extra ways which has helped to give me the new breath, the new wind I've needed for quite a long time to keep fighting it.

Looking for Arthritics
It doesn't matter what type of arthritis you have. It can be osteoarthritis to gout to rheumatoid to many of the other forms out there. As soon as I can I will provide a list of the types. Don't want to forget or leave out anyone with this stuff. Even fibromialgia is considered part of the arthritic core!

I know there are more arthritics here in Lexington. If you want a friendly face, voice or person you almost know to contact, feel free to reach me at so you can get involved too. Being a part of a unified front does make a difference in how you feel. I can attest to that first hand. The more we are together, the more we can stand stronger, and besides, Wouldn't it be really super just to have a place where people understood where you are coming from? I know I really feel less stressed than I have for quite a while. There IS something you can do. We'll figure something out for you to do, on the good days, through the bad days and any other day in-between.

Even if you don't want to be involved deeply, there are support meetings here in Lexington. The next one is going to be on September 11th. Come and join us there because we know what you're going through which helps to let you know you are not alone.

Bull Riding in Lexington, KY Area
The Arthritis Foundation, Lexington Chapter, is having a bull riding! Can you believe it? It even has the approval of PBR (Professional Bull Riders) and it is said that a lot of the riders who will be appearing in Las Vegas for the finals and championships will also be appearing in the local event. It is being held in Harrodsburg at the Harrodsburg Fair Grounds. I will provide more information as it is discovered.

St. Andrew's Heritage Festival
St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church is having its annual heritage festival. It will be September 30th thru October 1st. There will be traditional foods from Mediterranean to Serbian and Russian. Traditional sweets from all over, and entertainment! Want tickets? Contact me at and I'll hook you up with some!

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