Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Camera Desires

Today a friend of mine and I went to the mall and did one of the first mall roamings I have done in quite a while with a girlfriend. It was one of those excellent moments of total and complete relaxation I've had in quite a while.

In roaming through the mall we, of course, went into one of the music/video places (forgot the name of the store) but while there I discovered something I truly want - a mini-camera on a key chain. The one in this link isn't exactly like the one I saw in the store, but it is close. You want to know the super sad part about the entire thing? It was on sale for $9.99 and I didn't have the extra funds to purchase said camera.

Yes, I know the camera probably isn't that great and really wouldn't do everything I need it to do and the photos may end up being absolutely yucky, but at the same time it would have been SO neat to have. My darling Hubby's camera is so big I almost dread taking it with me to capture those odd photos I enjoy taking and documenting my odd little trips into the back yard or when I am out-and-about like today. The little key chain camera just seemed right for my purposes, and quite expendable in many ways so using it to its fullest would not have bothered me if, in three months, it decided to give up its little camera ghost and rest in peace. *sigh* Still, since I know such things exist I will place this on my list of "things to get when I have money" list and just keep going. In some ways, having such a camera is dangerous for my family and friends. My subject matter is usually quite odd compared to everyone else I know.

*The above camera comes from www.ccgoods.com.

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