Monday, May 21, 2007


Isn't this amazing? My darling Hubby made this lightsaber! I couldn't believe watching this piece come together.

It is chrome/silver and sparkly in just the right places. It looks simple and yet very important and some how powerful.

Yes, my husband is a Star Wars . . . fan. He is not a fanatic, but he dearly loves Star Wars and all of the characters.

I hope he keeps making his lightsabers because I am more than willing to help him work on a costume. I'm not sure where he would wear it other than for Halloween, but it would be fantastic to see him bring out his alter ego and be the Jedi he is.

It really is too bad that there isn't a cool saying exits in the Star Wars universe. Yes, you do have "May the Force be with you." But, for me, it isn't as cool and poignant as "Live long and prosper."

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