Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Today I Give You Linkage!

Today has been a day of ups and downs and headaches and numbers. Stupid, stupid numbers!

Yes boys and girls, I am filling out FAFSA forms for financial aid to go to school. Tomorrow I get my classes and then I wait until the 19th when I try and score some scholarship(s). Scoring the scholarship(s) requires taking a test. I have firmly decided to stay away from much that has to do overly much with numbers.

Because today has been such a day I give you linage:

Need help with fleas? Check this out. There is also another good article here, and for cats you can check this out.

And for something funny, you can't deny this guy's obsession with socks is a bit too much! Exactly how do you drop a sock with hints of malice? This I would like to know because not even my overly active imagination can come up with something! "Don't move or I'm going to drop this sock!"

And finally for something on relationships, you can check this out. It actually was good advice I am going to try and take.

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