Monday, May 07, 2007

On a roll...with laughter!

Survived the weekend. Didn't do that much really, but sure was a busy little bee nonetheless.

This is how things have been of late, especially since the weather has warmed. Every day usually brings a trip of some sort and, as I said earlier about the planner erupting, and now papers are having to be filled out. So far nothing has to be filled out in triplicate, but I'm not saying it won't happen. The very second I say that it is going to happen. See, I am getting just a little smarter in the current process of my life! Ha ha! Tomorrow is going to be the big day of filling out papers because that is the registration day for Sullivan. I am both excited and...not.

I still believe this is a good idea -- going back to school I mean -- and getting a degree I can actually use for a good job. It just works for me in my head. Hopefully it will likewise work for me in reality. However, there are some days when I just need a laugh. A good, serious laugh. I got one last night by reading Cherie Priest's description of what happened with her husband's possible nightmare. Read it and tell me it isn't funny. I dare you. No! I DOUBLE DOG DARE YA!

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