Friday, May 04, 2007

My Planner Has Erupted!

I was going through my planner today to make sure I had all of the important dates down. As I was penciling in things to do, calls to make, and events to attend I could easily remember when there many blank pages before there would be something filled in. It wasn't that long ago either!

Dates, times, events - all of them are listed in as precise a handwriting or printing as I can do. Not all of them are for myself either, some are for my dear Hubby who needs to be reminded when he needs to do something or where a job interview is supposed to take place. The majority, however, are mine. Some are recurring like the physical and occupational therapy (I made it into the pool without screaming this last time!) and how I need to call the Wheels van to come and pick me up or take me to certain appointments. My life is suddenly track-able and this makes me feel...corralled.

I have always been one to enjoy the spontaneous-ness of life itself. Growing older and becoming responsible has also made me see I really need to make sure certain dates and times are taken care of because life really does matter and these things help the good things in life come about such as making it on time for job interviews, classes, and knowing when certain projects are due. Always before there was at least a modicum of uncertainty because there was a time when I didn't know what life and living was all about and felt a greater sense of adventure than I do now. Luckily, some of that sense of adventure is still present, which helps me face each day with a smile, usually (once I have fully woken up, of course).

Now the planner is filling up with things to do on days and events that reach farther into the future than they did merely two weeks ago. I am taking this as being a good thing. The only thing I could possibly add is writing projects, and then actually follow through as on when I need to have so many words done!

Life progresses.

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