Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We have pink!

Finding the right planner for this next life I am preparing to live has been something of a problem. It isn't imperative the planner fit the person, i.e. me, but it does help if something about the planner speaks of something about said person -- me. I had practically given up hope of finding anything and was about to settle on a very generic creation when I happened to find the planner above. It was an impulse buy from a couple of years ago and when I opened it I discovered it was refillable!

So, now there is a planner for this new phase of life. It has refills. It isn't fully me, but neither is it completely against who I am either. And, it is definitely pink. I mean...pink. It isn't going to be easy to lose this sucker!

It is difficult to believe June is so close and the 21st is going to be even closer once the month actually starts. It feels strange this return to school as well as realizing I am having to schedule things and keep them organized as to not over-book my life. Keeping time in the day for myself and Hubby is not difficult, it just takes a lot of conscientious effort. Plus the writing. We can't forget the writing! (Which I am going to do more of today.)

Already the this week in the planner, as well as next week, is marked with a copious amount of notes.

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