Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I forgot to take the camera today, but....

Today was one of those days when things just seem to work out.

Yes, I am talking about my decision to do the "higher education" thing and go for the paralegal studies at Sullivan University here in Lexington. It feels odd I am actually in the process of going to a business college. It would be nice to have a four year degree, but, quite honestly, I don't feel the need for it: If I can get the required and desired B.S. in paralegal studies in the short span of 36 months and actually do quite well with it, then why should I shell out so much money for a four year degree? I am not the young chicken, nor am I old by any sense of the word. At the same time I am far more "seasoned" than I would like to admit.

However, I am beginning to think, nay believe, this seasoning is actually going to work to my benefit. I am actually going to be more capable of shuffling through more of the crap than some of the younger students, those fresh out of high school for example, and can settle into studying and learning than what I could do before. I've already been around a similar block so this one isn't as terrifying as I remember going to EKU was. Back then I was filled with excitement and nervous energy. Now...?

Even though this isn't EKU or UK, I do find a familiar excitement in my breast at returning to a school. Learning has been one of the utmost joys in my life, and it hasn't changed apparently. Today, after doing about 1/3 of the paperwork needed for me to actually get myself registered and prepared to take classes, I sat in the shade of a tree while waiting for my ride (the Wheels van) with my earphones in and listening to some radio while beginning reading a novel. The sky was filled with perfect blue and birds were singing all around me.

The parking lot was full of cars and people were moving here and there occasionally as they came to classes or they were leaving for the day. There were people of every age in these classes. I am definitely not one of the oldsters taking classes, just, perhaps, a little older than some because there were several faces, male and female, who were indeed older than me just signing up for classes and some who were leaving classes.

People walked around in chef's attire and others in business dress, and still others were in jeans and shorts (tasteful in length). Everyone had either a book bag, backpack or something transporting learning from the building to the car or back again. People were smiling and talking about making it home to see the kids home from school or the spouse home from work. There were also a few who couldn't wait to get home to see what mom or dad had cooked for supper or a snack could be found in said refrigerator. It was far more a mix of ages and people than at EKU.

Maybe it was because of the mix in ages, but people, the students and faculty, seemed far less stressed than at EKU and UK during classes. There were quite a few smiles on faces and hellos were called more often than I remember them being given in my college days. Everyone seemed to know a lot more about life and whether or not they received perfect grades wasn't as important as making sure they had done their best. It was both refreshing and quite familiar which made me smile just sitting there and helped to boost the excitement that kept bubbling up inside my chest.

Sitting there today wasn't anything like I expected it to be. Instead of feeling as if I was on the sidelines waiting to join the flow of traffic, it felt as if I was already in the very middle of it and the stream was flowing at a comfortable pace, not too fast, not too slow. It was all moving and I was there as a part of it, not waiting to join.

Yes, there is more paperwork to do. It is an institution of higher education and learning. There is still bureaucratic hoops you must jump through to make sure all of the bases are covered and you are given the thumbs up to proceed, but it was familiar and new at the same time. It was life beginning again instead of being dormant and waiting. It was good. It is good, and I am a part of it.

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