Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Book, Some Answers, and Up-Coming (Tomorrow)

A book
OK, for all of those out there who sent me emails asking questions about the history of the Orthodox Church I highly recommend, The Orthodox Church by Bishop Kalistos Ware. It is one of the easier books to read with a wonderful bibliography to guide you to other fascinating books about the Orthodox Church. Of course, in order to find out fully, you need to actually go to an Orthodox Church and experience it for yourself and gain guidance from the parish priest: he knows what he is doing and has far more information than I could EVER give, being just a lowly laywoman that I am (there is much room for improvement and a healthy expanse waiting to be filled with knowledge of the faith).

For my witchy people (and I am somewhat ashamed of some of you out there):
Now, to those out there who cursed, hexed, be-littled me for the thing written on the so-called "Gospel of Judas": This is my blog, not yours. I do not intentionally go out there and offend anyone or group of people, but, please people, get a grip! What is the one greatest rule the "witching" world has? Isn't it, "Do as thou wilt, harm none, but if you do it will come back on you three times three" or something like that? So, just think about what you said you did and why you said you did it. It makes no sense logically.

I haven't received any submissions for far for tomorrow, so, this means we will be continuing with "The Child's Voice". Why don't you all submit something? Maybe, just maybe, you might get your own name on the Internet.
I do not pay.

I do not buy any rights to the piece. It is fully and rightfully yours.

Fiction - Up to 5000 words, but if it is good, well, we can serialize or go a little longer.

Non-fiction - the same for fiction.

Poetry - just send it to me and see what happens. I am a HUGE fan of poetry and am always looking for good poetry to read myself, as well as to share here on The News.

If your piece has been previously published, make sure and let me know so that I can list it and where it was published (I also need to know it is clear and I won't be impinging unknowingly on any other publisher/editor's toes, i.e. rights).

So, submit something! You won't ever know until you actually get out there and send something off!

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