Friday, April 28, 2006


As most of you out there know, or those of you who care to know (as well as some of you out there who do not care to know but do any way), I am a big wrestling fan, or I should say, wraslin' fan.

For Lent I gave up my beloved wraslin'. It was not something that was really useful or needful in my life, just something I dearly enjoy, so I took a break from it for fifty freaking days! Now, tonight, I am going to get to watch SmackDown and hopefully catch up on what has been happening with my favorites (good guys and bad) and hopefully see something of The Undertaker.*

Out of curiosity I went to and had myself a look around and was a little disheartened to find out one of my favorites is having a horrible time fighting a staph infection. We all know those things are hard to get rid of, but you don't expect it to take down someone you've seen take punch after punch, but Hardcore Holly has been fighting a staph infection and sounds pretty sick by the sounds of the interview.

And, of course, how could I not read Foley is Blog which is Mick Foley's blog for I wonder what he would really say if he had his own independent blog? I believe that would be something wonderful to read. I love how he was "side-tracked" in this article to let the readers know something is going on, in the works, but jumping to another topic just so us fans will read some more. Yes, I know this is a writing thing, and I do it myself, I just don't expect Mick Foley to do it, and when he does it is absolutely wonderful, but, then again, I am a wraslin' geek and he is one of my absolute favorites.

Sadly, I do not trust to say everything that is happening on the shows of SmackDown and RAW, and it would be absolutely wonderful if Mick Foley or The Undertaker or even Kurt Angle could just write about what happens inside the ring and outside of it just like regular normal folks, but they have their paychecks to earn just like everyone else. Still, it would be something I would enjoy reading, as well as would many others out there. Maybe the boss of WWE will take notice of small voices speaking out in unison for such a thing.

OK, enough jabbering about wraslin' (I'm going to get to watch it tonight, tonight, tonight *does wheelchair dance of joy*). I will try and post more interesting stuff later on, but, for now read and indulge your guilty pleasure of wraslin' if you like. I know I will.

And, just think, they are going to be in Lexington THIS WEEKEND! Maybe they are already here! Squeeeeeeeeee! Maybe I will meet some of them on the street! Squeeeeeeee!

A girl can dream can't she?


I say again Squeeeeeeeeee!

* ( I would post a picture of 'Taker here but WWE says they own the trademark and character and it cannot be used without permission. Even I received the email with an almost under-handed threat that if I posted pictures without permission I would be in legal troubles. So, I am being good. No pictures. But I can give you a link to pictures. *happy grin*)

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