Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Something A Little Different

No one submitted anything and I have been working like mad on so many non-writing projects I feel almost sad. Hopefully the Life That Is Not Writing will soon be taking a slight break so I can get all of the many writing projects currently done.

Normally I would post the next section of "The Child's Voice" here, but instead I am posting some links:

A quiz. And a quite useful one at that.

Writer's Digest, just because.

Michael Yon - this website and writing are beyond wonderful, yet somewhat sad. If you don't want to read the truth about what is happening over in Iraq and surrounding areas, don't read it; but, if you DO want to know what is going on - then read it.

OK. That's it for today. "The Child's Voice" will return next week and hopefully some more fiction not written by myself!

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