Thursday, April 13, 2006

Death and Taxes

April 15th is fast approaching.


I am doing the 1040EZ form this year for the first time in many years. You know what this means? I am nervous and I am going to have to deal with numbers all day today, pretty much. Yes, I have delayed it as long as possible, but mostly to let B get out of the house so I can have the radio on and if I get frazzled I can scream and now have him worried and running to see what is wrong with me.



Could we just agree we didn't need to fill out these papers, IRS? I'm sure we could come to some sort of agreement.... No? So these papers have to be filled out and sent it? OK. I may get money back? OK, incentive. It is the ONLY incentive of course, but it is there.

Sometimes I've wondered if taxes could be the death of someone. There is a lot of stress around tax time here in the US.

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