Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Home, Home, Home Again I Am

Home. We arrived home a little past eleven o'clock last night and had enough time to pet loving, adoring, and much relieved doggies and kitty before we deposited ourselves into bed. My head and heart just didn't have the energy to look back at the wonderful weekend, and today.... Today has been one of those "adjusting" days.

You know, one of those days where you let yourself almost slide back into sort of thinking about some semblance of a normal routine but aren't really hurried or serious about the matter until you have to be. So, today I have eaten (more than I should have) watched television (a lot), and watched my dear hubby get his gaming fix on by playing a game he purchased during Lent but never played until today. It is called New Legends and it looks really good. Mako does one of the voices in the game which totally is a seal of approval for my dear hubby. It is for me too actually.

I did want to write something about Easton Mall in Columbus, Ohio, and I will, it is just that today is still one of relaxing and I haven't relaxed like this in ages. Hubby is relaxing, too. We hardly ever really relax together, so, tomorrow will be more along the lines of more normal things, including "The Child's Voice" and possibly something else. We will see as tomorrow arises.

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