Monday, April 10, 2006

Not All Old Things Are New Again, but We're Close!

Cheyenne was joshing with me recently and said that changing The Kentucky Mountain Girl News was heading into the frame of, "Old things are new again." I laughed at the time, but after seeing such a response of the oldest readers to The News, I have relaxed and returned to the original look and the format of what The News should probably never wandered away from in the first place.

So, here is the break down of things that are happening:

1) I am just going to Blog.
That's right. I am just going to blog things of interest to me and everything else will just be as it is.

2) The News is open for submissions.
Wednesdays are still open for fiction and poetry from you all out there. Some of my own fiction will be published here, but it will appear after yours on the Wednesday posts.

3) There aren't going to be any links this time.
If there is something of interest on the 'Net I find out there, I will post a link for you all to go trekking to if you so desire. Having the links in the sidebar or in the header just seemed to make things feel cluttered. So, we are cleaning up and looking better and ya'll will be directed to really interesting posts throughout the day or night or entry as it all seems to fit together.

That's it. Back to basics. It sounds odd to say this (write this), but it feels good and right. I think The News, and I, have needed this for a long time, we just didn't know how to get back to the place we needed to be. So, thank you for the emails you sent me and for the encouragement. I really did need them. Also, thank you to B and Cheyenne for their unfailing support in this endeavor and in all of my other adventures. It may be just because Spring is finally getting ready to fully spring, but looking at how The News looks, and feeling so satisfied with it all, I must admit I am more enthusiastic about just about everything than I have been in quite a while.

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