Friday, August 19, 2005

Character Process

In writing WHRTT I have no qualms in saying this man is the basis for the character of Cook. For those of you who do not know, this is The Undertaker, a professional wrestler, during his "American Bad Ass" phase. This is Cook. There just isn't any getting around it.

Of course, not everything about 'Taker is Cook. His personality is, well, my own creation, a fantasy of my very own, but his look, his look is right here, almost. Cook doesn't have some things of this wonderful physique, but, you have to admit, for someone to be an enigmatic figure, you can't get any better than this particular picture. This fellow could be a 'good ol' boy' or a biker, both or something as yet unnamed.

Recently, in writing, I've noticed that if I have a general idea of how someone looks, they come alive in many different ways for me and my weird imagination. It is as if I can see the character in another way, even though, in reality, my Cook is nothing like this persona, yet in my head it is close enough to write about. Sometimes I believe all writers do this, they have certain actors in the back of their minds who could pull off a particular character, and if WHRTTT ever makes it to the big screen, this is the guy that needs to play him.


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