Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Forty Year Old Virgin, a movie review

Saturday yours truly and B along with a friend we had not seen since she returned from France (and which she will be returning to at the end of September) met up because she wanted to hang out and see a movie. It was her choice of movie so we went to see The Forty Year Old Virgin starring Steve Carell as the nice forty year old virgin Andy, along with his three friends, David, Jay and Cal (Paul Rudd, Romany Malco, and Seth Rogan, respectively) who give him advice on how to get laid. Andy (Steve Carell) is reluctant but, of course, wants sex and goes through torture trying to get laid. Finally he meets someone he really likes, Trish, played by Catherine Keener, who is a single mother of three as well as a new grandmother as she says, "One of my kids has a kid."

This movie has a lot of potential, but, all in all, if we had not been with our friend, I would have requested my money back from the ticket office and left. Why? Because you heard the word "pussy" so much it became boring and distasteful. You also heard "fuck" every other word it seems and all in all it made me uncomfortable. I was uncomfortable that this movie was supposed to be funny and although it had funny moments and the ending was beyond hilarious, it wasn't enough to make me want to pay the $11.50 to see the movie, and how the people went through their scenes was painful. It worked only when you let yourself not think and revert to the adolescent years and only then if you were willing to be that screwed up again. I suppose I am not.

The theater was filled with younglings and they laughed and almost became upset when the virgin Andy didn't get laid until his wedding night. This was positive. This was good. And afterwards, it was funny. But getting from the beginning to the ending was painful! One man cheats on his girlfriend until he discovers she is pregnant with his child, and even then you wonder if he is going to stick to being faithful because he was nothing but a self-admitted man-whore. One friend was stalking an ex-girlfriend which had broken up with him two years prior and he had decided he wasn't going to sleep around but be celibate. And finally we have Cal who is a pot-smoking good guy despite his best half-hearted efforts to help Andy, the virgin, get laid.

There are snippets of pornography in the movie because Andy lights candles and settles down to have some quality pleasuring time with himself, and he just finally puts in another movie because that type of sex is not what he is looking for.

Trish, played by Catherine Keener, is a winner. She falls in love with Andy and wonders why he doesn't want to make love to her. It takes a bike and car chase scene for her to discover Andy is still a virgin, even though her teenage daughter figures it out fairly quickly.

As I said, there are funny moments, but not enough to make this a good movie - they were not consistent. If this movie was made to help push keeping your virginity until you find the right one, they maybe it worked. All I know is that I highly discourage people to see this movie because it just isn't good, unless you are in the ages of 18-25, then, perhaps it will be funny.

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