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Fiction by Chris Bartholomew, Sharing an Anjuline World

Sharing an Anjuline World
By Chris Bartholomew
Copyright (c) by Chris Bartholomew

In times past, aliens have lived on the earth, mixed with the people. A large group of them founded another world underneath the sea. Since this was the most beautiful place any of them had ever seen, they decided to have families and live there forever. Wild vegetables and grains grew there, and of course, there were the fish.

They named the world Anjul, after the planet they had come from. Although they were in many ways similar to humans, they were more accustomed to dim light instead of bright sunlight people are used to. The caves under the ocean were perfect for them. It was cool, the walls were fluorescent somehow so that they could see, and it was beautiful.

At ten-year intervals, the sun would filter through the ocean and shine on the waterfall, making all the colors of the spectrum shoot through the land. The young and old appreciated, and looked forward to this manifestation. It was like the eclipse is special to those who lived above, but more beautiful.

From time to time, people happened upon the world by mistake, going through the waterfall underneath the sea. Their world was made away from the waterfall, just in case someone wandered in. Sometimes, people would come in and then after looking around for awhile, they'd leave, but there were times when whoever happened by would investigate more, and their world was found. Many were allowed to stay and families were made there.

These were lovely people, but soon their world was on the brink of over-population, so they had to quit letting those who wandered in, stay. They had the ability to erase memories, so people couldn't find their way back. In this land, everyone had people to take care of and they took pride in the fact that no one lacked for anything they needed. They hated to turn people away, but there was no choice.

All of the other inhabitants of the land called the aliens who founded this world Superior. They had made all of the rules for the people to live by and it was a peaceful place.

Anjuline lived in that world within ours. She was named by her mother, so happy was she to be able to raise her child there. One day, Anjuline went to talk to Superior. She was not really dreading this, but was a little nervous – just a little.

"This is a request from my family and me. Two people swam down and found the entrance, and they want to stay. As the custom is to erase the memory, I wanted to ask permission just this once," she told the Superior.

"Anjuline, what is so special about these two? You know we never let them stay anymore. We made that decision long ago, because we didn't want to be overcrowded. If you can prove to me that they would be worthy, and of some type of help here, I will take it under consideration," the Superior said.

"Well, you see, I am sad lately, and find myself thinking there is nothing new to do here. I have found through these two people that I have taken my life for granted. I've been doing my job, and taking care of people as instructed, yet I am not happy," she explained.

"My dear, what does that have to do with the reason you are requesting that they be allowed to stay?" he asked her.

"There have been many to come here, but this is the first time I've seen them cross over. How they looked amazed me. They told me that this place is the most beautiful they have ever seen. They said it makes them happy just to look at the surroundings. They made me remember how I felt when I was young and just learning of life," Anjuline said dreamingly.

"Well, it is a nice feeling, to be admired for your world, but how does that explain why you think they should be allowed to stay, when we've turned so many away? Why is this helpful to you?" superior asked.

"They say that in comparison to their own world, this one is where they want to be. Everything they gaze upon is new and wonderful to them. If you allow them to stay, then in ten years, when their sun touches the waterfall, they will see the most beautiful thing they will ever see. I want this for them. I've seen it six times; I'd love for them to see it once. I feel as if these two have given me back my life."

"This is very sweet of you Anjuline, but how did they make you feel that way?"

"Because when I see their happiness just being here, it makes me see things differently, it makes me happy. Through them, I understand that I have taken everything we have here for granted. One of the things about beauty that makes it attractive is being able to share it with others. Everyone says seeing the beauty of sun and the waterfall alone makes it worth being here."

"What do these two people from above say about staying here? Have you even asked them? You say this request is from your family and you, yet only you come, why is that?"

"My family thinks you will be mad at me for asking. They would not come, but they are showing them around as we speak. Everyone likes these people and they and would like to stay here."

"Please explain to them that they may stay, but they will have to abide by the rules. They must take care of someone. I think I will assign them to your house; they can take care of you. Mind that they understand that they cannot go home again after they have been here for one whole day. After twenty-four hours is up, I will erase the way to the door from their minds, and they won't allowed be to leave. It's too risky to let people who have disappeared from above re-appear there later."

"I understand, and I will tell them everything you say. Thank you for giving us this gift, I know it will make all of us better, knowing that we have a wonderful world that others would love to share with us."

"Anjuline, understand that they may decide not to stay after they have thought about their world. I know that to them this one seems better for the moment, but they have ties to the world they came from. Know also that we all take things for granted, but something always comes along to snap us out of it, even if for just a short time. Go now and tell them how you appreciate their take on your world. Enjoy it for however long they are here."

After obtaining permission from Superior, Anjuline went to tell the people that they could stay if they wished. Her family told her that they had already gone home after considering their lives and their families. She was sad, yet remembered Superiors words that something always comes along, even if for just a short time.

Anjuline decided after this never to take her life for granted again, finding new things to do and by thinking of others.

She felt happy and contented to the end of her days, which just happened to be right after the sun from above hit the waterfall. Anjuline was the sweetest and most beloved of all, and everyone in her world was happy that she had been able to see that one last time.


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