Friday, August 26, 2005

I Think Not Me Buck O!

I was tooling around the 'Net today and spied this lovely little photo. What person in their right mind would kneel down by a truck where a dog is seriously thinking of making a few puncture holes in you?! Yes, I see the person's hand there holding the dog back...ahem...but I do not see anything in the dog's face saying, "O yes, I am just playing with you really. I don't really want to come over there and chomp your face full of holes." And can you see the owner's smile? It's there. It is half hidden by part of the dog's head, but it is there. Can't you imagine what that smile means? "Yes, that's right you dodo, I told you to leave my dog alone, and if you come any closer I will just let my hand slip and you will have to fend for yourself. Some people are so dumb where animals are concerned. Yes, that's right, go on and get yourself bit you moron."

Some people are really stupid when it comes to animals. They take them for "things" instead of creatures that have feelings and can love you back, or hate you, depending on how you treat them and how they are taught to treat a human. Wild animals are wild and deserve to be photographed (from a nice safe distance, especially where bears are concerned) and left to be beautiful not yelled at and garbage thrown at them. Have I seen this? Yes. Or people driving by and shooting them. Have I seen this? Yes. Some people are really stupid when it comes to animals.

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