Monday, August 22, 2005

Ponderfications Extradinaire!

WHRTTT is finished, at the moment. My brain keeps teasing me with bits I could add here and there and how I could make it longer. I am almost positive it will be rejected or the editor will encourage me to "make it longer" so if he or she does I can be right on the money there. And, since WHRTTT is done I find myself turning to a new character that is beginning to have a lot of interest for me: His first name is Relick. I rather like how the story is progressing and I can almost feel or sense his story is going to be novel length as well.

There is a lot to come out in this story for Relick. He has a wife to save, a boy to figure out, and a life to live. He reminds me of the important men in my life all rolled into one. Hopefully others will find him as interesting as I currently do.

Since there is a new novel under way I find myself looking at my present life in earnest and seeing just how many hours are in the day in order to get writing done, cooking done, kitchen work done, and time with B ordered so we actually have time together. This means, of course, getting as much done during the day as possible. Now added to this mix is getting people to help with the clothing sale at Church (it was a "nice" surprise to discover we were in charge now of that yesterday) which is happening this coming weekend, commitments with a friend which also happens this week, and those little odds and ends you need to do just to have a life. As I said, I am looking at my life in earnest and I am seeing clearly, for the first time, just how much I do and can do from a wheelchair and I am finding myself stunned.

It seems as if God is showing me in large blinking fuchsia letters YOU HAVE A LIFE. When I have discovered I have indeed had a life I have become frightened and tried to hide in some other avenue so I wouldn't have to contend with so much because in some distant reach of my brain I have thought often that I do not have a life and never will. It is frightening sometimes to discover differences and life. This time I am not running away, but I am facing my life with a smile and squared shoulders with my prayer rope firmly in hand and my faith before me.

I think that is one reason why I like this story with Relick so much: He is surprised at discovering his own life and he doesn't quite know what to do with it at times. Maybe together he and I will figure a good chunk of it out.

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Just dropped in to say "Hello". Glad to see everything is tickety poo!!