Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hello All

And once again, from the not so frozen north (come on, it’s 86 degrees outside), it’s Cheyenne.

And like most of my visits to the hallowed halls of the news, I bear unfortunate tidings – the Editor has called to inform me that she is laid up in bed with very bad headaches. I’ve not seen or felt anything like her very bad headaches. I’ve had headaches that I thought were very bad, but in comparison to her very bads, they seemed weak by comparison.

They rarely last more than a day or so for her, except in the most rare of cases, so I imagine she’ll be back to her chipper self tomorrow morning – or by Thursday at the latest. I can report that she has begun working on the second draft of WHRTTT as of this week, and is hopeful to have it winging it’s way to some lucky publisher in a short time.

If I return tomorrow, I shall do so with some form of prose or poetical musing. In the meantime, please direct any extra good thoughts the Editor’s way, won’t you?

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