Monday, August 01, 2005

A Happy Fundom Morning To You Too!

Was tooling around different web sites and checking out little pieces of fandom here and there and came across something I felt somewhat curious about.

The TV schedule for this fall has three science fiction shows running. On ABC we have Invasion about a possible alien invasion; on on NBC we have Surface about a possible alien invasion; and on CBS we have Threshold which is about a possible alien invasion. Part of me wonders if copying is a really cool thing because you admire something someone else is doing, which one of these shows is the really cool show and which ones are the copies? Also, there is another part of me that wonders, what do they know that we, the rest of the world, don't?


They are remaking The Fog from 1979 fame. It is going to be starring our dear Smallville superguy, Tom Welling.


Currently Jessica Simpson's "These Boots" is my favorite video. I have SO fought trying to like Jessica Simpson because of that stupid show she and her husband were on when they got married, but this video is simply too much fun to ignore.


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction is a magazine I am determined to be published in one day.

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