Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas and Sudden Domesticity

Today has turned out to be quite on the chilly side, at least for me. It is 41*F according to the little temperature stamp on my homepage. Yesterday I did not have to turn on but one heater, and, since it was close to the computer it kept me perfectly happy and warm. However, today it is chilly and I have had to light the kerosene heater and turn on the little electric heater that is very close to the computer so as to keep warm and keep the arthritic pain at bay.

Despite the chill, I am moving quite well today and even have plans for adventures in cleaning. It isn't strenuous today, just some dusting with the long handled fuzzy thing. My "long handle" is from the bamboo outside. Since it is extremely long, and I am extremely short, it works splendidly.

The coolness is making me really think more and more about Christmas. It is only FIVE DAYS AWAY! For a moment today I almost panicked because one of my darling Hubby's presents has not arrived yet. Nor has the Swiss Colony things I ordered. They promised - Swiss Colony promise - the packages would arrive in time for Christmas. I am holding them to their word, and if the packages don't arrive, well, there will be some very polite words with the company's shipping department. Yes, Swiss Colony has never failed me, but this year is the first year we have not received the packages at the beginning of the week before Christmas, and there was absolutely nothing done differently this year than last year. Sadly, the Swiss Colony order is not the order I am waiting on for my husband. What the Christmas holiday be without stress of some sort?

Nor, do we have any of the packages wrapped. Still, this is the least of the worries. We have always had quite a number of packages to wrap on Christmas Eve, so this year is no different from any other in that respect. Although I would like to go paper shopping and get different paper to add to the collection from last year.

*sigh* Yes, I guess I am feeling very domestic at the moment. Do you want to know something almost disturbing? I am enjoying it!

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