Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Computer Problems and Christmas Thoughts

It is hard for me to accept there is just a week left until Christmas. There aren't that many decorations up in the house, and no Christmas tree. In fact, I highly suspect there isn't going to be a Christmas tree. Not because we don't want one. Of course. But because this has been a hard month or two for me physically and dear Hubby has had to go to work, then come home and take care of a very sick wife. Now that I am feeling better it is a wonderful possibility I am going to make it to Christmas and passed it virus and illness free (OK, any more new illnesses). This makes my heart and head very happy, because, as I have forgotten recently, that half the battle of getting better is in your head as well as your body.

So, the Christmas decorations are really not present. No presents are wrapped, as of this date, but that will be corrected within the week, and Christmas music has been playing almost constantly all day, almost from the time I get up until the time Hubby comes from work, and then I shut it off almost sadly. At the same time, it is warm, extremely warm, like Spring, not Christmas. I never ever expected to say this out loud, or even think it, but, it would be nice if the temperatures matched the season and it was cooler. It doesn't have to be horribly cold, but I wouldn't mind seeing just a little snow flake or two the day after Christmas, or perhaps even Christmas Day.

I have actually wanted to write about this all of yesterday and share my music, musings, and just general chat with you all about how the Christmas tide is swelling in this heart of mine and making me look forward to Christmas service which celebrates His birth and is the reason for this season, BUT, the computer had other ideas. Actually, the ISP has had other ideas and decided it was not in the mood to permit me to update Blogger or even my little LJ. So, for most of the day I was fluctuating between remorse at not actually sitting down to write because I was having computer issues, anger at trying to do a bit of research on the internet and being dropped like a hot rock every five minutes or so, and feeling all Christmasy in the good periods before another dropped moment. Yes, yesterday was a bit on the testy side.

So far today everything has been moving quite comfortably and surprisingly it is much cooler than it was for the weekend. I wonder how many children and adults are praying for snow and a white Christmas? And, just so you know, no, I haven't been praying for a white Christmas. I have been praying for people and events far beyond my control and needed to give their problems to God. So, I've been doing the hard prayers for the past few days. Now, everything appears to be looking up.

More Christmasy thoughts later.

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