Monday, December 11, 2006

Them Bones, Them Bones....

A complete skeleton of a pleisiosaur has been found! You can read about it here. I love paleontology - the study of ancient bones and remnants. Now they say they have a complete skeleton. Yay! Yes, I know it is dorky and nerdy but I like such things. Have you ever sat down to think what people are going to think about us in, oh, let's say, a thousand years or a million years by now when they are toiling relentlessly through our garbage dumps and trying to make sense out of what we were like? I don't envy them, and, sadly, I sort of hope to leave behind some landmines so they won't have a single clue what the earring on the fish hook means. Heck if I know! But it would be funny for the anthropologists to try and figure out, especially if I can be in Heaven and hear what they say. I wonder if it would make me laugh, or make me sad that, perhaps, human kind has seriously lost its humor.

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