Friday, December 15, 2006


Yesterday, when darling Hubby checked the mail, I had a package. No, this isn't so astounding since it is Christmas and most of my shopping this year has been done on-line (a trend I plan on keeping up, by the way). But this wasn't a package for someone else - this was a package for me. It was two bottles of ink. One is blackest black and the other is plum purple. How can you go wrong with those sorts of names. Plum purple just makes me smile every time I see it.

Since writing with dip pens and fountain pens are my preferred means of writing, I use a lot of ink it seems. Yes, I know. I have a bottle of green ink, chocolat ink, rose scented ink, blue ink, and now black and purple. (I had black before, but it go bye-bye.) And, no, I can't use all of that ink up at once, and it takes a while to use ink up as it is. However, does one ever really have too much ink?

My answer, of course, is "No, you can't." And, my inclination is that when a bottle of ink gets down to about half, well, it's time to get another bottle. Black is always something I will probably be ordering. It would be really nice to have an ink shop or fine writing instruments store here in Lexington, Kentucky. I don't mind ordering my ink from Columbus, Ohio at the moment. It gives me such a wonderfully warm feeling when I open the box and have wonderful new ink bottles to open!

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