Monday, January 29, 2007

Fingerless Mittens

There is a knitting project I am really wanting to get my needles into! The pattern is called Fingerless Mittens in Landscapes but it looks, in a finished project, remarkably like the picture above. The picture above is from a site called and has wonderful patterns. The Fingerless Mittens in Landscapes is front the Knitting Pattern a Day 2007 calendar I have and it is much easier to make, as it is a beginner pattern. Still, it makes me want to make them, and it also has interest from a friend for their sister who is working in a very drafty office and needs warm hands, too.
At the moment, my little mittens/gloves will just have to wait until I get a) the pair made for my friend's sister done and b) the sweater promised to my dear husband.
However, this week I have promised myself a trip to Michael's to get yarn and a couple of sets of double pointed needles for the making of the "mittens" so I can do them in time for my friend to have them to the sister before leaving from vacation.
Trying new patterns once upon a time would have made me quite nervous. So nervous, in fact, I probably would have talked myself out of even attempting them. Now I look for new patterns to try and find myself quite happy in doing them. Not everything turns out properly, of course, but this isn't as often as it used to be. Usually I am having gauge problems but am learning how to change the needles and the yarn/thread in order to attain what is needed.
Perhaps this proves, in some way, I am growing up a little as a "textile artist" (which still makes me laugh) and as a person. Actually, I think it just means I am more secure in myself than what I used to be. It shows in my writing, and now is showing itself in other areas of life when it is least expected, as in my knitting.
A night cannot pass now without me knitting something. My hands just need to knit. My mind needs to calm. I need to see the yarn taking on different shape and becoming something that is usually very cool.
Yeah, I am almost to the point of saying I am a knitter for real.

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