Saturday, January 27, 2007

Preparations, sticks and thread: I'm ready!

Today was going to be one of those mad days of writing so I could get ever closer to the illusive submission deadline date, but, instead, it has turned out to be one of those days where it is more important to relax a little because of all of the stress this week has been.

The stress hasn't been of magnificent proportions or anything. It has merely been the stress of creative work and it has been welcomed. However, I am still continuing to miss sleep. Last night sleep eluded me the entire night. Only when the sun started coming up did I actually sleep for any amount of time. My body rested throughout the night, but my mind was active and pausing here and there on different story ideas, knitting projects currently going on as well as those planned, and ideas for everyone's birthdays which are coming up and just passed. It was a busy night for my head despite taking two melatonin to help me sleep. The melatonin levels in my brain must be very low indeed!

So, today I relax and I try and help my dear husband get over the sinuses. He has it all today: headache, irritability, stuffy nose, slightly swollen forehead, sneezing, and feeling absolutely like crap. Hopefully when he gets home I can get him to drink a nice cup of hot tea and his sinuses will clear a little for him to sleep (no, he likewise didn't sleep last night, but for different reasons). Poor baby. I am quite used to feeling ill in one fashion or another, but when he isn't feeling well it makes me worry and I so want to try and help him to feel better.

Now, I am going to knit. If it turns out nicely I may just post a picture of it for you! If it doesn't, well, you won't see it. :)

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