Thursday, July 08, 2004

Background Music

When I write it seems I have to have some type of music to fill the void of silence. If the music matches what is happening in the story, or the mood of it, then so much the better.

Today, as I was roaming over Napster (I'm a Premium person) I hit on a group I hadn't heard before, but really should have. They're called Mediaeval Babes. They have such an unusual sound and they fit what I want to write!

Let me explain ...

There is a particular piece I want to write. It is something I have actually been working on for quite some time as an idea. Every time I have tried to work on it before ... the mood, the feeling would just slip through my fingers. This place is so special and intense for me it has a "soundtrack", of sorts in my head, but I haven't been able to find groups that fit so well with the piece in order to actually 'get into' this world. Enya works very well, but there should be more. I have picked and arranged and come up with a decent playlist for the "soundtrack" for writing, but it just wasn't RIGHT, until today.

The music of this group fits so well for the piece, if it is ever made into a movie there is no way this group could not be part of it, along with Enya, and perhaps Annie Lennox.

Yeah, I don't just write - I think of production of the piece later on ... but first I tell the story. Guess I'm sort of strange like that.

What do you expect really? I'm a struggling writer, after all.

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