Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Sometimes Being a Writer is Hard

I am sitting here trying to get my motivational fluids going to writing something fictional (who can say this Blog isn't for that matter) and think, think, think until I'm all thunk out - or so it feels.

Sometimes being a writer is hard.

I mean, you have these wonderful ideas sitting at the back of your brain just kanoodling around and fermenting, growing and changing until suddenly vwala, you have a story idea and that usually turns into a full fledged story with a beginning, middle and end. However, there are times when you sit and work with that kanoodling and fermenting and the story just goes limp on you like a kid who doesn't want to do anything. Or a kitten that goes, let's argravate the momma and see how far we can make her go insane before we love her back into reality again!

Sometimes being a writer is hard.

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Anonymous said...

Most of the time being a writer is hard. Oddly, I think that’s a good part of the fun – working with the ideas until they come out just right.