Wednesday, July 21, 2004

If This Were a Typewriter ...

It is early and I have not yet had my coffee ... yes, I said, coffee ... but my mind is already working on story ideas and such.  That is the life of a writer I suppose: always thinking, dreaming, and exploring the life within and without simultaneously.
Something is developing here with The News, something good.  It has given me a creative outlet I wasn't expecting really.  When I first opened it I thought it was just another sort of on-line "journal", but it isn't.  It is an expression of my thought and thought processes, and creativity in a way I have not experienced before. 
Each day there is something new I want to place in The News or think about putting in it.  The pieces are not just free flowing, stream-of-consciousness (all the time) writing, but more thought out pieces.
I read somewhere that if you really want to be published and accepted in the publishing world you have to promote yourself and showcase your work.  Perhaps this is what The Kentucky Mountain Girl News is going to do for me.  Maybe it is just a nice extra something to do to take up writing time when I really don't want to plug away at scenes and characters and just want to express who I am.  All I know is that, with this particular setting, I have come to express myself far more than I ever have and I am enjoying it.
If this were a typewriter I would already have wasted almost a ream of paper trying to get thoughts and words right.  I would have probably already replaced a typewriter ribbon, because this space is important to me and I want to put things here that count.
Of course, not EVERYTHING is going to count, or make sense, or people are going to read (like this), but I hope a good chunk of it will.  I hope when you, anyone, someone reads this they can come away with it thinking they have visited a place where someone may just be thinking, questioning, and asking just as many questions as they are.
Seeing things differently, having a different take on things has never been very difficult for me.  Having the courage and tenacity to say what I am thinking in a non-fiction format has always been hard.  Maybe this Blog will break that for me, and help someone else, or at the very least amuse them, you.
So, what does all of this prattle have to do with anything?  I'm not exactly sure, but we will hopefully be discovering it together. 
Just for the record:  I'm glad this isn't a typewriter, but I do miss the clickity-clack of the typewriter keys.  

Now I'm going to get COFFEE!


Anonymous said...

You have a more relaxed tone to what you write here, in my opinion. It’s formal in some ways, because it is a “publication” of sorts, but you let the words flow a little easier here. The News seems comfortable to you, in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

its good to see a home town girl do good!

the leaves have fallen and my spirit is dampend but i remember the days of king tut and school and chess.

e-mail me if you please, my full name with middle int. is my id at

and old friend(well not so old)

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