Friday, July 16, 2004

I Miss My coffee While Contemplating The Writing Day

First of all, let me say I am very surprised to see a change in how the Blogger page looks.  It took me a moment to make certain I was really where I needed to be.  This is going to be most interesting and fun.  Thank you Blogger staff!!!!!!!
I miss my coffee.  I miss my coffee today more, it seems than I've missed it in a while.  There isn't any real reason why I couldn't have some here at the house, but, for some reason, every time I or hubby goes to the grocery for one reason or another we either forget, leave it alone because it costs too much for our budget for the week, or we're in too much of a hurry.  Today, however, I am missing my coffee so much I am seriously contemplating just getting a small jar of instant coffee and just keeping it here, safe and hidden, for my use only, for the serious writing days.
There is something about having a steaming cup of coffee while you are plotting out scenes and dialogue.  It makes the job easier to do, or it flows a little better than it otherwise would.  Some people have cigarettes, others their wine, for me it is coffee.  And I need my coffee today.  Why?  My play.
The play is causing me fits and starts and making me want to quit one moment.  When I walk away from it to do something else, a line will float to the forefront and I will be back to work on the thing with love and even more patience.
I can see the people, the stage, and how it should happen.  I can hear the voices and how they should sound.  It is as if it is all unfolding before me and at moments it frightens me and causes me to simply feel over-joyed at how well it is working - even though there is little more than a page accomplished for how long I am working on it.  For these moments a nice steaming cup of coffee would definitely come in handy.
A part of me, perhaps, has finally grown up and decided to write what makes me happy and maybe the world will enjoy it as well.  Maybe somewhere in the past I have so tried to change, to fit into someone else's mold my own voice was lost.  Now at my current age, my voice is returning.  Now I see all I need to do is please myself and all can be better if I speak in my own way and say what I truly want to say.  It would definitely be better this morning with a nice strong cup of black coffee.

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