Wednesday, July 14, 2004

"Blog Ho! A Discovery!"

As I am becoming more and more comfortable "Blogging" and learning about the tool of my decided "publication", I am finding, or discovering little things about the Blogging tool most probably already know (not to mention things about myself).

It just startled me to discover the "draft" function publishes the piece for the day you saved it, not the day you post it.

This leads me to go into a different place to create, save, and edit some of my Blog material. How odd a discovery to make! Are all discoverys "odd"?

Does an adventurer say each and every time he finds something new, "Remarkable!" or "How odd"? For some reason I imagine he (or she) does.

Now I return you back to your regularly sceduled reading lives.

(And no, I am not quite so bored today, just trying to get things arranged for tomorrow, which will have yet another entry! Mwaaaahhahahaha!)

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