Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Butterfly Within, a Poem

The Butterfly Within
By H. Asher Handy
Copyright 2005 by H. Asher Handy

the butterfly trapped within
a cocoon of warped flesh and bone
finally struggles to break free

frightened to remain hidden, feeling
the need to become what it was meant to be
hearing the voices of encouragement and peace

how will it all end?

how will it all begin?

in order to break free
the cocoon's weaknesses
must be found, then changed
to purest strength

the butterfly is trapped within
but the cocoon is the clay
waiting to be molded
filled with the ultimate essence of
the butterfly

God created all things to be perfect -
it is up to us to remain so

Finally to be free

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Anonymous said...

I admire the honesty of this.