Wednesday, July 13, 2005

One of *Those* Days and Milestones

Sometimes it feels as if I have more irons in the fire than I can handle, and today has been one of them, mostly because I haven't felt well. Still, I have managed to organize The Project, make some calls for The Project and have also managed to figure out the website for said Project. Besides that I have actually managed to make myself eat thanks to B and Cheyenne who kept telling me I should eat, even though I didn't want to. However, the writing front is somewhat bare for today. I haven't even opened up WHRTTT's file at all today! Shame on me!

It isn't horrible of me, but it feels that way. Not writing has made me feel as if I have totally let myself down, so, before going to bed tonight, before working on anything else for The Project, I will write and let the feelings of creativity fill me and ease the physical pain I've been experiencing today. Life isn't bad for me right now, and I am going to work diligently to keep it that way, even if it means working on myself.

We have somewhat of a milestone today in our household. B finally has his reflexology certificate (as of this weekend) and he has his first appointment today, which he is currently gone to. Our friend Bob is a taylor and his hands are in a great deal of pain, so B has gone to see if he can help him feel better. I hope he can. We love Bob dearly and helping him to feel better would just be icing on B's cake today.

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