Thursday, July 14, 2005

Wheelchair, a poem by Melissa Sartori

By Melissa Sartori
Copyright (c) 2005 by Melissa Sartori

She can captivate any room in an instant.
When she enters the room, with a grace that
makes it seems as though she is gliding,
glinting in the dim blinking lights of the bar
all eyes fall on her. Drinking her in, everyone
wonders what she is doing in a place like this. A mostly empty
dive on the corner. Perhaps they expect her to be less
bold, hiding somewhere in the corner, a pillar of shyness
trying to maintain some quiet dignity, as the eyes of
both men and women bore into her.
Then the music starts, and she floats onto the dance floor
suddenly she is moving fast
causing the room to become a blur as she spins, endlessly
never exhausted. And those eyes can no longer focus
on her. For the first time they all must admit, that she
can do something that they cannot.

1 comment:

The Warrens: Library Wing said...

I like this a lot - the words evokes a very specific and different take on the attention someone can generate with their wheels, and it has an excellent little twist at the end that makes for a pleasant smile.